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Last updated: 15-11-21


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The following equipment is suitable for day geckos but please refer to the Dartfrog equipment pages where additional equipment suitable for day geckos is available. If in doubt do not hesiate to ask. We will be expanding the range of products available for day geckos over the coming months. All prices are in UK Sterling but are additionally displayed in euros and US dollars in the shopping cart. We can ship most of these products worldwide. Please read our terms and conditions before placing your order.

Climate Control
Description Price Guide
ZooMed Repti Heat Cable
The flexible cable allows you to put the heat right where you need it. Wrap it around branches or cage furniture! Use it underneath the tank or in breeder racks! Flexible, water resistant, and durable and in a range of lengths and wattages.
15W, 3.5m length
25W, 4.5m length
50W, 7m length
100W, 12m length
150W, 16m length
Description Price Guide
Lucky Reptile Thermo Socket
These sets contain a E27 porcelain lampholder, a high quality steel reflector, wire mesh protector, power lead and all necessary mounting accessories.
The steel reflector focusses the light and acts as sight protection, preventing being blinded by the light. The wire mesh protector is placed on the bottom of the reflector and prevents that the animals can get in contact with the bulb.

Mounting accessories for installation inside the terrarium are included. A clamp for using the set as clamp lamp is available separately.

Suitable for light bulbs up to 150W. Two varities are available with different reflector sizes:

Thermo Socket plus Reflector small: for bulbs up to 300W and all Halogen Sun spot lamps
Thermo Socket plus Reflector large: for bulbs up to 300W, engery saving bulbs and UV lamps

Thermo Socket Small
Thermo Socket Large
Clamp for above models
Lucky Reptile Mini-Sun
The Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun Mini is the smallest available lamp for E27 sockets. The reflector emerges only 2,5 cm out of the E27 lampholder which makes the Halogen Sun Mini excellent for use whith small vivariums where normal spot lamps are too noticable due to their size and also too close to the floor. Thanks to the halogen technology and the extremely efficient reflector they also produce more heat and light than normal spot lamps.
20W Double Pack
35W Double Pack
50W Double Pack

Light DIY Kit
Lamp socket (do-it-yourself kit), to 300W.
Ready for use, with electrical wire,
switch, threaded sleeve plus cap screw E 27 for lamps & ceramics up to 300 W including the Lucky Reptile mini-sun.

Landscaping & Decor
Description Price Guide
Large Bamboo Leaves 10-Pack
Bamboo leaves are air-dried, natural leaves for forest and rainforest terrariums. Day geckos and frogs such as Mantella species will use them as hiding places. These measure approximately 20 - 30cm x 5 - 10cm
These natural bamboo sticks are excellent for decorating terrariums. They are good for climbing and offer hiding space for the geckos. Many species will deposit their eggs inside the hollows. Available in 2 diametres in 1m lengths.
Small: 3cm diameter
Medium: 5cm diameter

Sumba Veined Coastal Vine
76cm - 110cm length, 45 - 75mm thickness
Sumba Veined Coastal Vines are one of the most impressive, unique-looking vines.
Freshly after harvesting these climbers from the canopy, the local Tribesmen skillfully remove their epidermis to reveal an underlying dermal layer: veinular movements shifting and twisting down the length of the vine, stirring into bizarre rows of parallel veins that make them unmistakable.

Many have described the look of these vines as that of petrified wood, or the remains of sandblasted rock formations in wind swept deserts. The 3-D sensation of this product in its endless varieties can only be accurately appreciated in person.

Sumba Veined Coastal Vines are one of the most durable vines in the world. Even a piece only 2 centimeters thick is next to impossible for a grown man to break. Their toughness makes this vine an excellent and durable choice for the day gecko vivarium.

Please do not order if outside the EU (we cannot deliver these as they are too long). If in EU please select DPD for delivery as we cannot send by Airmail

Small: Up to 60cm length: £11.99
Large: 90 - 110cm length: £17.99
Food Supplements & Medicines
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Repashy Day Gecko Food
Repashy Day Gecko MRP (meal replacement powder) is a complete replacement diet for Phelsuma (day) geckos and other nectar-loving reptiles, including Madagascar GIant Day Geckos, Standing's Day Geckos, Peacock Day Geckos, Gold Dust Day Geckos, Lined Day Geckos, Yellow Headed Day Geckos, and others. Simply mix the powdered Repashy Day Gecko MRP with water and serve to your pet reptile. Repashy Day Gecko MRP contains all of the vitamins and minerals your pet gecko needs to thrive.
Komodo Day Gecko Food
A complete & balanced holistic diet for day active geckos. This is not a supplement but can be used as a complete diet, especially useful for those keepers that do not like offering live foods to their geckos.
Can also be used as a supplement,
ZooMed Day Gecko Food
A suuplementary powder to be used in conjunction with insects & fruit. Vitamin-enriched. Very popular product.
T-Rex Day Gecko Diet
A complete & balanced holistic diet for day active geckos. This is not a supplement but can be used as a complete diet, especially useful for those keepers that do not like offering live foods to their geckos.
Can also be used as a supplement, One container makes up to 0.5lbs ( 225g) of food.
ZooMed Mite Off
Excellent, essential liquid spray system for controlling mites in day gecko (& other reptiles).
Completely harmless to gecko but avoid using in vivaria where amphibians are present.
Description Price Guide
Sansevieria trifasciata (Mother-in-Law's Tongue)
Superb upright plant with succulent, hard leaves which day gecko love to rest on, lay their eggs in or hide within. Almost bomb-proof and tolerant to xerophytic conditions.
Single plant in 3 - 5" pot (depending on what we have in stock)
Sansevieria cylindrica (Cape Spear)
Superb upright plant with succulent, rounded leaves which day gecko love to rest on. Almost bomb-proof and tolerant to xerophytic conditions.
Single plant in 3 - 4" pot (depending on what we have in stock)
Description Price Guide
Aluminium Profiles - the professional way to display your day gecko vivaria

Aluminium Profiles
(click to view products)
These can be cut to your desired length
and these profiles can be painted by powder-coating upon your request

Connectors (click to view products)
Plastic nylon connectors to connect the aluminium profiles or to use as feet.


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