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Last updated: 21-05-2012


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We have greatly increased our range of equipment and will continue to do so as we seek to source them from all over the world. Lots of products now have data sheets/information. Delivery is extra. Quantity discounts at our discretion. All prices are in UK Sterling but are additionally displayed in euros and US dollars in the shopping cart. We can ship most of these products worldwide. Please read our terms and conditions before placing your order.

Water Products
Recirculation pumps
RO Units,
drain sets
& drip systems
Filtration, reverse osmosis, resin filters, circulation pumps, drip systems
Misting systems, thermo mini-coolers, hydrosets, timers, ventilation, heating elements
Climate Control
Misting systems, ventilation & cooling, heaters,& controllers

Plant lighting
, UV-lighting,
acrylic panels, reflectors,
light hood packages

Plants & animal UV lights, twilight starts, acrylic panel, grow lamps, reflectors
Composts, moss, rocks, logs, cork, coco panels, hides, backgrounds
Landscaping & Decor
Coco, cork, tree fern & rock panels, wood, substrates, moss, hides & water dishes

Fertilisers &
Feeding Supplements

Multivitamin powders, medicines, culture media, tadpole & insect food

Vivarium fertliser, tadpole food, multivitamin powder, livefood food, culture media
Rearing containers, mesh, aquarium safety strips & anything else not categorised elsewhere
Culturing containers, small housing vivarium construction & mesh


Various accessories from
the world's largest supplier

Vivarium fertliser, tadpole food, multivitamin powder, livefood food, culture media
Aluminium Profiles & Connectors
Superb aluminium profiles, nylon construction connectors and foamex panelling to give that professional racking system.


Refunds & Returns

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.
In the event of a query please contact Dartfrog by emailing customer services.