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(last update 16-06-07)


These are new lines that have just come into stock. Some of the items are difficult to obtain (marked with a *).
Once these * products have sold out we can usually obtain further quantities but it may take 4 - 6 weeks so please be patient.

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Turkey Baster
Due to popular demand we can now offer a turkey baster - perhaps one of the most useful things never invented for our hobby! It can be used either to extract bad eggs from clutches of dart frog spawn or extract detritus, uneaten food, faeces etc from the water pf a dartfrog vivarium or aquarium.
ENT Tadpole Tea (1L)
An additive for tadpole water which enhances the quality as well as providing natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
ENT Ter-Fly Culture Media (1L)
New culturing media for curly-winged flies (Musca domestica)
ENT Ter-Fly Culture Media (5.5L)
New culturing media for curly-winged flies (Musca domestica)
Dartfrog Moss Selection
3 types of tropical moss (sheet, pillow and plate mosses - our choice) superb for the tropical dartfrog vivarium. Price is inclusive of postage.
RRP if purchased separately is £18.22
Kent Black Water Expert 480ml (16 oz)
This is the water conditioner we use when creating"Tadpole Tea".Use it at a rate of 10ml per gallon of water to help prevent bacterial and fungal infections in Dendrobatid tadpoles. It simulates water conditions in natural tropical waters as well as encourages spawning and aids the hatching process. Its naturally chelated iron, vitamins and other organic compounds accelerate cell division and stimulate root systems in plants, providing for luxurious green plant growth, yet it does not cause unsightly algae growth. Black Water Expert is similar in composition to rich soil in a bottle.
Namiba-Terra Glass Clear 150ml
Namiba® Glass clear is a glass preservative agent and provides for smudge-free glass. In terms of harmful chemicals or resduals, it is completely harmless to amphibians (neutralises when dry) and is usable on all aquaria and vivaria.
Black Silicone 310ml
Great for coating and wate-proofing the two component assembly foam.
Springtail Peat Plates
These fit perfectly into the 115ml square plastic boxes we sell and are great for culturing certain springtails including Seira.

Altamira Backgrounds
These superb artificial rock-effect backgrounds resemble a stone wall so closely that they look like the real thing. In fact they are made from a lightweight but tough durable foam and are easily cut to the desired sized if you vivarium dimensions fall outside the 4 model sizes. Completely waterproof and can also be used in an aquarium.
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50 x 38 x 2cm
78 x 48 x 2cm
98 x 48 x 2cm
118 x 58 x 2cm

Habiscape Rock Wall
Create spectacular zoo or museum-like displays using the latest in natural-look backgrounds. These light weight three dimensional simulated rock backgrounds offer the look and feel of real rock. Easy to clean and install, you won't believe the vivariums you can create when adorned with live plants and decorative wood. Safe for aquariums.
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49 x 28 x 3cm
58 x 39 x 3cm
74 x 31 x 3cm